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Decorative Rock Santa Fe

Landscaping Santa Fe, NM home yards and commercial building outside common areas with decorative rock offers a way to make property look amazing and beautiful while using a material that lasts forever and requires very little upkeep.

The large selection of different types and colors of decorative rock offered by us here at Albert Montano Sand and Gravel makes every landscaping project a breeze. Our materials are outstanding for ground coverage that will enhance walkways, flowerbeds, tree wells and the walls of the property. When you cover property with gravel instead of expensive grass you conserve water, weeds are reduced and it helps property owners meet local guidelines and city ordinances that mandate xeriscape landscaping.

Decorative Gravel Chart Albert Montano Sand and Gravel Jan. 2016


Please click on first image to see Decorative Rock Gallery slide show. Size and name of each decorative rock is featured at the bottom of each image. Call Albert Montano Sand & Gravel today at 505-989-7921 for price per ton. Delivery is available.

Please come down to our yard to see all the different types of decorative rock we offer. You can reach us at 505-989-7921

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