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Exotic Fire Glass

Replace your dirty and aging logs, wood and lava rock with a truly unique and modern look of Exotic Fire Glass. Our reflective or natural fire glass range is perfect for any natural gas or propane fire pit or fire place applications. Exotic Fire Glass is environmentally friendly, provides long lasting color, will not melt, and is available in many different colors and sizes to suit.

Reflective Fire Glass Collection – Available in 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch

Fire Glass Collection – Available in Small (1/4 – 1/2 inch) and Medium (1/2 – 3/4 inch)

Fire Glass may vary in actual size and shape due to the unique crushing and sizing process in the manufacturing of glass. Reflective Fire Glass sizing is measured by the original thickness of the glass before crushing.

Reflective Glass and Fire Glass Sizes - Albert Montano Sand and Gravel

We offer packaging in different sizes to fit your projects needs:

Reflective Glass and Fire Glass Package Sizes - Albert Montano Sand and Gravel

Exotic Pebbles & Glass is best known for our spectacular collection of fire glass products. We provide the most stunning all natural glass decor that outfits your fire pit or any fire range magnificently. We offer several types of fire glass to choose from and the benefits of using fire glass over traditional firewood cannot be mistaken.

Glass Sizing
Choose either ¼ inch or ½ inch fire glass in the quantity (including our new 12 lb pail) you desire to fill up your fire pit perfectly. Our decorative glass products are also available in smaller sizes to suit any fire application.

Exotic Pebbles offers a gorgeous reflective fire glass collection and in a wide range of colors to help you match the design of your outdoor living space. Our reflective fit pit glass will continue to shimmer, dazzle, and shine after years of use. Our top selling colors include: black fire glass, cobalt blue fire glass, sky blue fire glass, and gold fire glass.

Eco Glass
Exotic Pebbles and Glass retails only safe and environmentally friendly glass products. All of our products are designed to burn safely in your fireplace or outdoor fire pit and to endure years of consistent usage. Our eco fire glass contributes to a safer environment.

Smooth Fire Glass
Exotic Pebbles retails a glass product that is 100% recycled. You’ll notice all of our fire glass products have a unique shape. This gives off a more natural look rather than a manufactured one. Our products are cut in a variety of sizes to meet your standards.

Fire Pit Applications

What is fire glass? Where is it used? It is commonly used by resorts, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, apartment communities, and homeowners looking to enhance the design and atmosphere of their outdoor or indoor living spaces. It serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose and is an exceptional replacement to fake wood logs or other burning material.

Lava Rock
Use fire rocks or lava rocks to cover up propane lines and exposed gas jets while also helping to control the direction of an open flame. The glass itself is designed to withstand extremely hot temperatures without melting or changing form.

If your fit pit is no longer burning as consistently as it once used to, consider upgrading your ring burner and checking your gas line. Our fire pit safety guide will help ensure that your yard or outdoor living area fit pit is properly staged and outfitted.

Fire Ring Collection
At Exotic Pebbles, we also carry a full line of fire rings and H burners. Our stainless steel rings are manufactured with the highest quality steel and range in sizes and diameter. Be sure to check out our various fire pit rings here.

Ordering The Correct Amount of Fire Glass

Call us today to ensure you order just the right amount of glass for your specific project. There are no limits to what you can do.