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Landscape Edging

Landscape Edging Santa Fe NM

Steel landscape locked-in edging provides your landscape project the perfect answer to edging. Because locked-in steel edging comes in a large selection of sizes it provides you the proper width and support needed for virtually all job requirements and litheness for most landscaping projects.

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Steel Locked-In Landscape Edging Things to Know

• It lasts almost forever. It does not crack or fall apart
• It is very strong and can take a beating.
• It remains in the same position it was installed because of its interlocking function and the weight of the product.
• It is the way to create landscape edging that is forever, without hassles down the road.
• It is a high quality product that is consistent from edge to edge.
• It is designed with high quality coating that is resistant to high or low PH soil fluctuations
Feature below are the two colors carried by Albert Montano Sand and Gravel