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Landscape Fabric

Gray Landscape Fabric Santa Fe NM - Albert Montano Sand and GravelLandscape Fabric Santa Fe NM

Albert Montano Sand and Gravel provides landscape fabric for both commercial and residential landscaping. Call or come by to place an order. We look forward to serving you!

Commercial Grade

350 Polyspun Gray Landscape Fabric

  • 3’x50’ Gray Fabric               150 sq.ft. roll
  • 4’x100’ Gray Fabric             400 sq.ft. roll
  • 6’x100’ Gray Fabric             600 sq.ft. roll
  • 3’x300’ Gray Fabric             900 sq.ft. roll
  • 4’x300’ Gray Fabric             1200 sq.ft. roll
  • 5’X300’ Gray Fabric                  1500 sq.ft. roll
  • 6’x300’ Gray fabric              1800 sq.ft. roll
  • 8’x300’ Gray fabric              2400 sq.ft. roll
  • 9’x300’ Gray Fabric             2700 sq.ft. roll
  • 12’x300’ Gray Fabric           3600 sq.ft. roll     

Commercial Grade

Pro 55 Black Landscape FabricBlack Landscape Fabric - Albert Montano Sand and Gravel

  • 3’x250’ Black Fabric            750 sq.ft. roll
  • 4’x250’ Black Fabric            1000 sq.ft. roll
  • 6’x250’ Black Fabric            1500 sq.ft. roll
  • 8’x250’ Black Fabric            2000 sq.ft. roll
  • 12’x250’ Black Fabric          3000 sq.ft. roll

Landscape Fabric Staples


Fabric Staples for Landscaping - Albert Montano Sand and Gravel Santa Fe NM