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12-Outlet Drip Irrigation Manifold

Albert Montano Sand and Gravel, Santa Fe, NM, now carries the DIG Water Matters 12-Outlet Drip Irrigation Manifold. 12-Outlet Drip Irrigation Manifold is designed to retrofit a 1/2″ sprinkler riser, DIG’s TOP 12-outlet drip manifold utilizes extremely accurate, pressure compensating individual and interchangeable drip emitters to ensure equal flow from each outlet over a wide range of operating pressures from 10 to 80 PSI. Available with .6, 1, 2 and 3.3 GPH per outlet, the TOP can deliver water directly to up to 12 plants with less water evaporation and wind-drift than the overhead sprinkler heads it replaces. Using the TOP can save a significant amount of water by improving irrigation efficiency and lowering water runoff. For additional savings, check with your city for drip irrigation rebate program eligibility.


  • Constructed with 12 built-in individually pressure compensating drip emitters
  • Self-flushing emitters allow passage of water and minimize clogging
  • Interchangeable drip emitters for variable flow rates in a single head
  • Color-coded drip emitters and barbs easily identify flow rate at each zone
  • Each drip emitter individually filtered (approx. 80 mesh)
  • Backup mini disk filter
  • Rugged materials to withstand the most adverse conditions
  • Install above grade or place below grade in a 6” emitter box
  • Inlet plugs provide the option to cap off up to eight drip emitters
  • TOP kits contain 100’ o