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Decorative Pebbles

Decorative Pebbles

Our eco-friendly polished and natural pebble collections are sourced from remote regions throughout the world and are perfect for landscaping, flower arrangements, potted plants and water features. We have the largest range of colors and sizes available in 5lb, 20lb and 50lb packaging.

Polished Collection

Natural Collection


Decorative pebbles may vary in actual size and shape due to the natural composition of the pebbles and direct sourcing from multiple quarries throughout the world.



SIZES: Bean Pebble Size = ⅕ inch, Gravel Pebble Size = ⅜ inch, Small Pebble Size = ½-1 inch, Medium Pebble Size = 1 – 2 inch, Large Pebble Size = 2 – 3 inch

We offer packaging in different sizes to fit your projects needs:

Decorative Beach Pebble Bag Sizes.


Our decorative pebbles are anything but your traditional landscaping rocks. All of our Exotic pebbles are found naturally on our earth’s planet to to provide a 100% natural addition to your home, garden, backyard, or landscape.

Our pebbles range in size and come in two unique categories as either polished or unpolished. Our polished landscape pebbles have been smoothed and provide a slight reflection under lighting while our un-polished collection (referred to as our “natural collection”) remains unaltered and exist exactly as the environment created them.