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Dripline Control Zone 3/4″ & 1″ AC & DC Drip Zone Assemblies

Albert Montano Sand and Gravel, a Santa Fe, NM, drip irrigation product supply company, now carries Dripline Control Zone 3/4″ & 1″ AC & DC Drip Zone Assemblies. DIG’s Drip Zone Assembly Kit is composed of a 24VAC inline valve, a heavy-duty filter with a 155-mesh screen, and a pressure regulator. The kit provides all the components needed to begin a drip irrigation installation at an affordable price. It provides protection to the drip emitters and micro sprinklers from particles that may enter the system, and it reduces or regulates the incoming water pressure entering the micro irrigation system into the appropriate operating pressure for a drip irrigation system.


  • Available with a 24VAC inline valve, filter and pressure regulator
  • Each drip zone is assembled with a slow opening and closing valve for better reliability of the system
  • Flow control and manual bleed on the valve for ON/OFF operation
  • Large filter screen provides greater filtration and operation efficiency
  • Each drip zone is completely assembled for easy in-line maintenance
  • Designed with ease of maintenance for small enclosures
  • Two models of pressure regulators (adjustable pressure or preset pressure regulation) for a wide range of pressure sets and flow rates
  • Constructed of UV-resistant, durable plastic material to withstand the most adverse conditions