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Dripline Irrigation Tubing

Albert Montano Sand and Gravel, a Santa Fe, NM, drip irrigation product supply company, now carries dripline irrigation tubing. Extruded from a premium polyethylene resin, DIG’s drip tubing and distribution tubing are designed and engineered to meet every demand of a low volume drip irrigation system. The drip tubing and distribution tubing are extruded with Dow’ 7510 linear low-density polyethylene resin and a minimum of 2% carbon black to ensure maximum UV protection. The drip tubing and distribution tubing are resistant to cracking, heat, ultraviolet stress and chemicals.

DIG also offers both 1/8″ and 1/4″ distribution tubing in vinyl, in lengths of 100’, 500’, 1000’ and up to 3,000’ on spools. Made of high-quality UV-resistant vinyl resin material and meets all regulations for use in irrigation applications.