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Moss Rock

Moss Rock Santa Fe NM

Moss Rock - Albert Montano Sand and Gravel Santa Fe NM

Moss rock is gathered from the top surface side of rock quarries so to obtain inventory for sale requires little or no digging. The good looks and likeability of this particular stone comes from literally centuries of nature’s power from wind, rain and sun turning an ordinary rock into something very appealing. Normally moss rock is light brown to dark brown and even somewhat red sometimes. It more often than not has dried lichen deposits embedded over portions of the stone.  Lichens etched onto the rocks are a type of moss, that is why it is called ‘Moss Rock’.  If the area that is used by a stone and gravel business to buy their moss rock is drier then the amount of lichen on it will be less and vice versa.

You will find a supply of moss rock available in large quantities set up on pallets on the east side of our yard. Moss rock can be used to build walls, landscape gardens and home exteriors and for patios, just to name a few.

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