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Natural Pavers

Natural Pavers Santa Fe NM

Natural pavers come in to styles, random and dimensionalRandom pavers are created by using the snap cut method. Sizes available range from 4″ x 6″ to 16″ x 16″. From a logistical installation stand point it makes the most sense to use a minimum 1/2″ grout joint line. Dimensional pavers are created by using a saw. They are cut in three sizes: 6’ x 6”; 6” x 12”; and 12” x 12”.

Note: Natural Stone pavers are approximately 2” thick and usually vary ½” as in thickness. Sand or Mortar setting is recommended.

Conforms to ASTM C 616- 85 Sandstone Building Stone as Listed below:
Resistance to abrasion averages 11.
Conforms to Type II Quartzitic Sandstone: With the exception that the specific gravity is about 140 lbs per cubic foot.