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NEW Heavy Duty 2 Inch MPT Screen Irrigation Filter

Santa Fe, NM, irrigation company, Albert Montano Sand and Gravel, are now offering DIG Water Matters’ NEW Heavy Duty 2 Inch MPT Screen Irrigation Filter. DIG’s Heavy Duty 2″ MPT screen filters with reinforced bodies incorporate an easy-to-remove filter cover and feature robust housing design, including a large filtration area to ensure high performance and long life. The 2” filters accept a wide range of interchangeable, color-coded screens and disc elements to suit any specific application for wells and municipal water supplies. The large filtration area offers nominal head loss and high flow rates. The filters are available in 2” inline or “T” angle versions for use in agriculture, turf, greenhouse and nursery applications.


  • Special locking grip rings design enables easy opening of the filters without the use of tools, even after months under operation.
  • A wide range of filtration degrees for various applications
  • Large filter area with low friction loss allows long intervals between cleaning
  • Greater filtration capacity for effective protection of the irrigation system
  • Can operate under pressure of up to 150 PSI
  • All-purpose filter with a wide range of stainless-steel screens from 80 to 180 microns to suit a wide range of filtration requirements
  • Designed to reduce operating costs and deliver high quality filtrate in a minimum space
  • Made of superior strength material for excellent mechanical strength, and corrosion resistance for most common chemicals
  • Easy maintenance – the screen can be extracted from the filter for cleaning
  • Interchangeable screen elements
  • Access point on the inlet and outlet side for pressure measurement test
  • Constructed of UV-resistant, durable plastic material to withstand the most adverse conditions