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Thin Flagstone

Thin Flagstone Santa Fe NM

Thin Flagstone is set up on pallets vertically with wood supports then strapped in with steel straps. This flagstone is stacked for thicknesses of 1 1/4″ or less. Setting up Thin Flagstone this way on a pallet assists in lowering the chances of it breaking during shipping and it is better for being able to choose pieces when it is being installed.

Thin Flagstone pieces come in sizes as small as 4 square feet all the way to 14 square feet. Pieces range approximately 4 – 12 square ft in size.

Standard Thin Flagstone thicknesses:
Thin – 1 ¼” minus

Flagstone Properties

Conforms to ASTM C 616- 85 Sandstone Building Stone as Listed below:
Resistance to abrasion averages 11.
Conforms to Type II Quartzitic Sandstone: With the exception that the specific gravity is about 140 lbs. per cubic foot.

THIN Flagstone Pallet - Albert Montano Sand and Gravel Santa Fe NM